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I’d like to take a moment and describe some practices you should be using at Cryptsy to ensure your account security.

The first thing I recommend to anybody is that you enable 2-Factor Authentication.
Two-Factor Authentication, such as Authy, Google Authenticator, or SMS (Text to Phone) prevent unauthorized access to your account in the event your username and password are compromised. The offender would also need the device that those credentials are located at, which is unlikely.
We have had reports and incidents in the past of malware that is usually disguised as “Miner” software, which in actuality contains a key-logger or a remote access program. This is commonly referred to as a “Trojan Horse”. When this malware is installed, the attacker can acquire your username and password, or even use your account from your own computer when you are away. If you use web based email, then they likely would have access to that as well (and even remove any emails which were received while you were gone)
You can enable 2 Factor Authentication from your Account Settings page, which is available when you click your name on the top right part of the website.

The next point of security I would like to talk about are “Fake” Cryptsy websites. These are sites that look like Cryptsy, but are actually on a different URL. These sites typically ask you to log in (thus stealing your credentials) and then may even ask you to authenticate your email account (to steal those as well). To prevent this, always make sure that you see the Green Trust Bar on the top of the browser in the URL section. It should say “Project Investors Inc”, which is our corporate name. If it doesn't, then do not attempt to log in and report the site to us immediately so that we can have it taken down.

Last, make sure you do not give your login details to anybody who you do not trust. There should be no reason why anybody would need to know your username. If they want to send you some coins, then give them either your deposit address for that coin or your Cryptsy Trade Key.
We go great lengths to ensure the security of our software and systems, and want to give you the tools to ensure you are able to do the same.

Paul Vernon “BigVern”

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